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Member Assistance Program / Employee Assistance Program
Therapist comforting woman on sofa at home

100% Confidential Counseling

This program provides members with a way to find help dealing with personal and work-related issues. Without this help, these issues could decrease members’ quality of life or interfere with job performance.

Services Provided

  • Live Person Answering Phone 24/7/365
  • Live Interactive Virtual, Face to Face, Telephonic Counseling
  • 4 Renewable Sessions – Receive 4 more sessions after there has been a 2-month break
  • since the last session. Up to 12 annually per eligible member and household member.
  • NOTE: California residents receive 3 sessions every 6 months.
  • Dedicated Personal Client Solutions Specialist (CSS)
  • HR / Supervisory & Member / Employee Orientations (Interactive Webinar) (1 of Each Annually for Every 75 Members)
  • Intensive Case Management Option, Including Job Performance Referrals
  • HR, Management & Supervisor Consultations- Limitless
  • Virtual Annual Program Evaluation Meetings with CSS
  • Utilization Reports Annually
  • Personalized Electronic Promotional Materials- Limitless
  • Work/Life Resources (Child Care, Eldercare, Parenting, Stress Management, Education, Financial / Time Management and Balance, etc.)
  • Personalized Online Work/Life Training Library with Thousands of Virtual Trainings & Ability to Track Progress
  • Access to Online Live Chat Feature-Limitless
  • Electronic Monthly Newsletter (Supervisor and Employee Versions, Also Available in Spanish)
  • Advanced HR Support & Assistance in Professional Development (COMPASS) (fees may apply)
  • Access to Robust Catalog of Unlimited, Individually Tailored Training Topics
  • Tailored Elder Care Telephonic Counseling & Resources
  • Financial Wellness Telephonic Counseling
  • Life Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Help in All Areas of Work/Life Convenience (Child/Eldercare, Housing Assistance, Local Community-Based Resources, etc.)-Limitless

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