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For Concierge Assistance Call:

(800) 519-2969

We go above and beyond for our members by providing a truly superior customer service experience

The Concierge Team is focused on supporting and guiding our members every step of the way through their health care journey. They answer your member’s questions or concerns about their benefits

Cost & Quality Search Assistance

Our Concierge Team researches the highest quality, fairest priced providers, diagnostics centers, labs, and medical facilities for members who are in need of these services.

Care Connect

For high-cost surgical procedures, they work with the Care Connect Team to search for the highest quality and fairest price for each component of a member’s surgical procedure. The total cost is then negotiated to the lowest possible price.

Pharmacy Benefit Program

Our concierge Team searches a variety of U.S. and worldwide pharmacy discount platforms and pharmacy assistance programs to find the fairest priced medications, as well as where to purchase them.