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Healthcare Advisor Onboarding

Welcome to our Healthcare Advisor onboarding process, please make sure to read carefully and complete all steps.

Step#1: Read and Sign Agreement

If you are not health insurance licensed, you will be required to be health insurance licensed in your resident state within 90 days of signing the MPB HealthCare Advisor Agreement. Read & Sign Agreement»

Step#2: Training & Certification

You will be prompted to enroll and create a separate user and password for our Memebership Training. At the end of this learning process, advisor is required to take an assessment.Advisor must get a passing score of at least 80% on the assessment. Feel free to save training information for future reference.

Important: After completion of training and test, please return to this onboarding to complete step #3-4 of the onboarding process .

Enroll & Begin Training»

Step #3: E&O/Commissions

In the following Personal Data Form, you will be requested to upload proof of State insurance license. Please be reminded that all advisors are required to be licensed. If you are unlicensed you have 60 days from the time you sign this agreement to obtain your state insurance license. During this 60-day period, you should be trained by your licensed upline Healthcare Advisor and are not allowed to sell any of MPowering Benefits, LLC’s products or services until proof of license has been sent and received by MPowering Benefits LLC. Additionally, E&O insurance is required to protect professionals who provide recommendations, advice, guidance, or services. If you don’t perform the service correctly or don’t deliver on time, the effects could cost your client. In these cases, E&O insurance coverage is extremely important. All advisors must be on the MPB E&O if selling our products and services. Our E&O is required as it covers Medical Cost Sharing.
Your onboarding process will not be completed until this requirement is met.
To proceed with this step please answer the following:
Are you a licensed Insurance Agent? Select Yes» or No»

Step#4: Sales Funnel Request Form

This is the final step in your onboarding process. Please fill out the following form to request your personalized sales and enrollment page. 

Important: You must have completed steps #1, #2, #3 before filling out this form. If you have not, please do so now or this might slow down the completion of this process.

Request Form»

Michele Rebal

Please, make sure you complete every step of the onboarding. Skipping steps will delay this process.

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