We are excited to introduce you to the MPowering Benefits Group Health Strategy using “Health Excellence Plus”. Health Excellence Plus offers an innovative approach to helping individuals and families manage their health care and associated medical Costs.

One of the important features to understand is Sedera Health, the cost containment aspect of the strategy. Attached is a Sedera Health’s Member Guide that provides more details.

We believe Sedera Health aligns well with our mission of providing you with a powerful, comprehensive Wellness Program combined with a robust, low-cost option for managing your health care needs.

Here is a Link where you can learn more about Sedera Health through an info-video, a webinar, and other documents.

We are thrilled to offer the MPowering Benefits Group Medical Cost Share Plan through Sedera Health as an option for your health care needs.

Below you’ll be able to enroll into all aspect of the MPowering Benefits Group Plan and complete and digitally sign several documents including:

  1. Your MEC Plus (Minimum Essential Coverage) application.
  2. Your MPowering Benefits membership agreement which says that in order to maintain your plan eligibility, you must refer a minimum of one individual or family who enrolls in our group plan per year. You will be compensated for each referral.
  3. An IRS form W9 which allows us to compensate you for completing the required Personal Health Risk Assessment. This qualifies you for participation in the MPowering Benefits Group Healthcare Plan.
  4. Bank account or credit card capture page for your initial and recurring monthly contributions. (This is a secure site)

You’ll then be linked to the Sedera registration page. After submitting the registration form, Sedera Health will send an email containing your Healthshare application. Complete, digitally sign and submit the application.

Upon completion and submission of all required documents, you’ll receive a welcome email from our wellness department. containing login credentials and instructions for completing your Personal Health Risk Assessment.

If you are using a DPC (Direct Primary Care) Doctor in which you are paying a monthly fee directly to your Primary Care Doctor please follow this link to Enroll on our DPC Enrollment Platform.

If you want to use our Open Network Program (go to any doctor or hospital) PLEASE ENROLL BELOW.

We are available to assist you with the registration and application process. (561) 200-3762