Group On-boarding Checklist

Steps to Enroll a New Client

❏ Step I: Pickup, use paper or enter directly into the census form, but either the Healthcare Advisor or Employer must entered the group census information into the “Group Census Form”. This form is used in the Selerix Platform and by the MPB Group team to create an “Offer” for your client. Once the offer is approved by the employer proceed to Step II.

❏ Step II: Complete Client Overview form, a copy is automatically emailed to and your Sales Mentor luke Facker when the form “Submit” Button is clicked.

❏ Step III: Sedera directly requests the Client’s electronic signature for the Sedera Services Agreement to the Employer.

Things to prepare the Client for once the agreement is signed:

❏ Step IV: Group Services will send you and the Client a custom landing page link for member enrollment.

❏ Step V: Sedera Banking will email the Client a bank account application for setting up the Client’s new Medical Cost Sharing account at one of our designated financial institution. NOTE: Per the Services Agreement, the Client has 14 days after receipt to return the completed bank application.

❏ Step VI : Host Enrollment/Education meeting for prospective members. Members enroll using the landing pagelink and Sedera’s web-based app. Deadline for completed member enrollments is the 20th of the month prior to the start date. For enrollment information received after the 20th, the Client’s start date will be deferred until the 1st of the following month,