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About Us

MPowering Benefits is a unique team with more than 100 years of experience within our senior leadership team.


We have been a part of the trends of the past and have been working with clients of all sizes for many years.


We have overcome the challenges by keeping current and staying well- informed of all legislative changes.


Companies have come and gone over the years, but that’s not how we do business, we’re here to stay!

Discover the MPowering Beneefits Difference

Investing in your success

Our clients have enjoyed our ability to help them bend the health care cost curve, create communication strategies that engage employees and educate employees how to be cost conscious healthcare consumers just as they are with other personal purchases.

Why is our approach different than your typical broker?

The biggest question we get every day is “why has my broker brought this concept up to me?”

Because for the past forty years we have been bringing up new ideas, introducing new technology, new service partners and proving our worth every single day. Employers are paying between 30%-40% of their actual payroll cost for benefits. This is a lot of money. 


The problem we have found is that most employees either do not appreciate this or do not understand the true value the employer is providing to their employees and their families. This is where communication is important. We communicate with employees “where they are” from an understanding of insurance, employee benefits and healthcare. Most people try to make these concepts hard. We make it easy! Our style and strategy is unique. Let us show you what we do and how we do it.  

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